Clemens Bears
Welcome to Bears from The Clemens Spieltiere. Hans Clemens arrived in Kirchast/Baden in Germany from Alsace with his family in 1948, immediately after the second world war. Like most people at that time, he had lost everything, including his manufacturing business and a wholesale trade business in shoes, due to the war. He opened a retail business in Mannheim, selling glass porcelain and gifts, but was constantly asked by customers for Teddy Bears. Since these did not exist during the war Hans Clemens made the decision to help his customers and began to produce Teddy Bears from old army blankets. His sister produced these by hand and every Teddy Bear was lovingly and individually made.Clemens is today a well known soft toy company in Germany whos Teddy bears and animals have conquered the hearts of many collectors and children. Following in his fathers footsteps, Peter Clemens took over the business, but eventually retired from managing the company in 2002 in order to concentrate on developing new designs and concepts for the collectionas.

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" NEW - BODO " ref:55024
Limited. Edition of 499 14"(38cm) High. Designed by Jack & Marion Finhold.
Brown mohair.


" MEERKAT " ref:60033
Limited Edition of 500. 6"(13cm) high.
Designed by Eleonore Unkel-Schaufelin.


" FIDI " ref:55034
Limited Edition of 777. 6"(13cm) high.
Designed by Jack & Marion Finhold.
Lavnder mohair.

" RACOON " ref: 60034
Limited Edition of 500. 11"(28cm) high.
Designed by Eleonore Unkel-Schaufein.
Beige mohair.

" MOUSE PEPE " ref:55010
Designed by Jack & Marion Finhold.
Limited edition of 777.
Height 32m.

" LENCHEN " - Clemens Bears ref: 55031
Limited Edition of 777 8"(18cm) high.
Designed by Jack and Marion Finhold.


" MICKY " - Clemens Bear ref:88202
Limited. Edition of 250 7"(18cm) High.
Designed by Ren Bears.